Description of Exhibits


In a corner of the grounds is a special exhibit for the blind which everyone may enjoy. It is a Sea Lion sculpture carved from Western Red Cedar by artist Brian McEneny of Seal Rock, and was made possible by a generous donation from the Yachats Lionesses when that group disbanded. Taking the lead in its selection and display was Carl Miller, Director of the Little Log Church and Museum at that time.

A large 48-Star Flag is on display in the Annex. It was in use at the Little Log Church during the 1950s, and was retired in 1959 when Alaska became the 49th state.

Commemorating the Spanish-American War of one hundred years ago are articles used by Corporal F. 0. Barrett of Ten Mile, Yachats, Oregon, who served with the Oregon National Guard in the Philippines in 1898 and 1899. These include his gas mask case; field glasses case, canteen, Infantry Insignia and Medal. They were donated by his wife, Bess Barrett.

A Christening gown and gertrude or slip date back to 1923. These were donated by Cornelia Clark Lovejoy for whose Christening they were intended (but never used), together with a doll to model the garments.

Three large photographs showing scenes of Yachats have recently been placed on display. Two were donated by Vergil Backes Jr., Yachats Postmaster. One of these shows Yachats' first post office (then known as Ocean View); and the other is an Oregon Coast Highway scene made in Yachats during the 1940s. This picture shows Guy’s Place (now The Drift Inn); the Chevron Gas Station; Beulah’s Cafe (now the Landmark) and the Yachats Hotel which burned in 1949. The third photograph, originally donated by Ray Cox, was received from the City of Yachats. Taken in the days when smelt fishing was a reality this shows a number of people fishing in the surf near the mouth of the Yachats River.

There were only three survivors when the British Clipper "Atalanta" sank off the Oregon Coast between Waldport and Yachats on November 17,1898. The event was commemorated one hundred years later (November 17, 1998) by descendants who installed a plaque at Tillicum Beach Park. Former Mayor Arthur Roberts, who represented the City of Yachats at the ceremony, was presented with a photograph of one of the three survivors, Frank McMahon, and a drawing of the ship signed 'F. McM.' as well as numerous letters and documents. These, together with newspaper accounts and pictures, were donated to the Museum.

A stained glass window was installed in an inner door. Made and donated by artist Bev Burley of Yachats, the subject, a seascape, is enhanced by polished gemstones which were collected on the shore near Yachats.

Fossil shells donated April 6, 1999 by Board Member Dean Richmond are now on display in the Annex. The collection includes 10-20 million-year-old bivalve (clam) and gastropod (snail) shells which were found in eroded sandstone beach cliffs north of Waldport. Clam shells include Macoma arctata, Anadara devincta, and Chione ensifera. Snail shells are Chlorostoma pacificum.

An example of the art of Tole Painting, a wooden soldier or guard in the style of a nutcracker, was received from artist Ruby Hendrickson in April 1999, and is now on display as a permanent loan. The design is done in the Rogaland Rosemauling method of painting flowers.

A scrapbook received from the Community Presbyterian Church of Yachats documents the 1954 renewal of the Little Log Church and grounds, and establishes the Church's Eligibility for an Award in the "Oregon Town & Country Church Improvement Project". As a result of the efforts of Pastor Clarence Baerveldt and the Congregation, a Certificate dated October 18, 1954 was presented to The Little Log Church of Yachats by the Oregon Council of Churches.

A donation of historic post cards which picture scenes on the Oregon Coast from 1905 to the present was made June 7, 1999 by Dean Richmond. Various postage stamps, postmarks, and messages add interest and value.

A map (c. 1880) showing both the State of Oregon and the Territory of Washington has been framed and is on display in the Amex.

Photographs of the Wales house (located at the comer of First and Beach Streets) have been donated by owners Max and Jeanne Wales. Early photographs show the house as originally built by John Schiedel in 1924. In the late 1930s, with the addition of a dining room and entrance, the house became the Log Cabin Cafe, and later, the Log Cabin Cafe and Grocery.

Two large gemstones, found on the beach after the high swells of October 27, 1999, were donated by Vicki and Buck Henderson. The Carnelian was found at the base of the cliff directly west of Marine Drive. Its reddish color is visible at one end. The black Jasper was found within 100 feet of the stairs at the Yachats State Park.

A book, "Waide In", written by, Dr. John Waide, Former Pastor of the Yachats Presbyterian Church, and edited by Jack Ewan was received in December 1999. The book is a collection of Dr. Waide's writings which first appeared in the Church Newsletter. A brief history of the Little Log Church is included on page 34.


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